Part 3 of the DKNSTRKT // RKNSTRKT series.




This volume is a response to – or a repurposing of – DKNSTRKT 001, which aimed to “explore the nature of Russian Communist art, design and technology, and uncover the nature of ‘The Soviet Condition’, or the minset of the people responsible for these works”. It was discovered that there is a dark, severe mystery associated with the decaying architecture and infrastructure, uncompromising products, and wildly experimental art, design and music that Soviet Russia left behind. RKNSTRKT 003 draws comparisons between these mindsets and my immediate surroundings, particularly enterprises based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. My intention was to visually apply the theories of constructivist, brutalist and socialist design in a modern way, expose my structure and process as much as possible, and profile local artists, designers, businesses, architecture, organizations and musicians who have been influenced by or reflect the principles explored in DKNSTRKT 001.